Paying For Twitter?

There should be an image here!This is clearly not something that is going to happen in this lifetime from the looks of things. When given a recent survey, most people apparently voted to say that they would not be willing to subscribe to Twitter with any kind of payment. No dice, as it were.

I am skeptical of this, as I believe if properly packaged, most online marketers would gladly pay for the service. Obviously the key here is having some extra functionality to sweeten the pot a little. But at the end of the day, I do believe many business users would pay a fee if it provided the user with extra business related functions.

As for the casual masses, no, I am not surprised they would not being willing to pay. After all, Twitter is being kept afloat by people sending @ mentioned trying to constantly get people to try out their latest offerings. And this can be annoying. I mean, no casual user is going to pay to be annoyed all day. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense at all.

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Bump Now For PayPal Payments

Would you trust your mobile device to make PayPal payments to others? Here’s a bigger question: Would you trust a “bump” iPhone application to make these payments with PayPal? In addition to a bill-splitter and reminders with the application, there is the feature of the PayPal kids program as well.

Honestly, I am a bit on the fence on using a mobile bank-like application like this. On one hand, it would be handy to make a payment with a mere bump to another mobile device. But with this comes one untouched reality. We are placing an application that handles our money on platforms that have ZERO reliable security in place. There’s no special anti-phishing, security suite to protect the user.

Coming back to the question of whether or not I’d use such an application, there’s no way. Until our mobile devices get something better in the way of security in place, I would never use any banking type solutions on devices like the iPhone. I believe that doing so is playing with fire.

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Facebook – Never Leave Home Without It

There should be an image here!Remember the old credit card commercials where you were told to never leave home without it? Well it seems that we may soon be able to say the same of something new called Pay With Facebook.

Normally, another way to pay for something would be seen as a good thing with me. But I remain bitter from Facebook’s past privacy policy issue, in addition to at one time tracking their users even while they were logged out. Oh how soon, we forget about this kind of thing apparently.

Well I have not forgotten and I will be damned if I give Facebook any access to my spendable funds. Not going to happen. Whether you call it Facebook credits or something else, either way, not working for me. No way, no how.

Search Advertising Revenue Falls 8% ?

Search advertising, according to one study, has fallen about 8% compared to the same time in 2007. Some are predicting that advertising revenue could fall further as the recession worsens. But some of the big names like Google have not reported as of yet. By this Thursday we should have a better understanding as to exactly where Google is heading.


As revenues shrink bloggers line up receiving food baskets:

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I’ve been doing freelance work for most of my professional life, and as is the case with almost everything, there are definitely benefits and drawbacks to doing work in this way. Of course, the good must be outweighing the bad because I’m still sticking with it. One of the things that I dislike the most about working for myself is billing clients because your job isn’t done once you send them an invoice. After that you’ll still have to keep track of the invoices and make sure your payments are arriving on time. Many of the invoicing solutions that are available are way too complicated for someone with simple needs like myself, and that’s why I like CurdBee.

By using CurdBee, you’re able to send invoices to your clients, manage the status of the payments, and even accept payments through Google Checkout and PayPal. The invoices can be customized to match your company, and a list of ten international currencies are available for you to choose from when you bill your clients. If you can get past the fact that the Web site doesn’t contain hardly any information then you should be fine.

Apple To Provide Cash Payments For Failed Adapters

Apple has settled a law suit in which consumers will be paid a cash settlement for failed power supply units which failed prematurely. Apple did not admit fault, but agreed to pay users who paid to have their AC adapters replaced. In addition Apple has setup a website in which to file claims for repayment.

On the web site it states:

The purpose of this website is to inform purchasers of replacement power adapters for certain Apple PowerBook or iBook computers of a class action settlement.

The settlement will provide a cash payment if you purchased certain model Apple PowerBook or iBook computers, the power adapter failed within the first three years following the initial retail purchase of the computer, and you purchased a replacement adapter.

Note: If you previously received a notice relating to replacement power adapters for certain Apple PowerBook and iBook computers, please do not disregard this Notice.  Additional computers covered by the settlement have been added since the previous notice.

They also list a way to determine the serial number for your unit to determine if you qualify for the cash payment. Make sure you read the dates when the claim forms must be filed by.

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Apple payment website is here.