There should be an image here!Entrepreneurs may enjoy building a great company or product, but one of the responsibilities that usually doesn’t generate the same level of excitement is customer support. Every company wants customers, but you can’t forget that you have to help and support them. Whether you handle customer support on your own or have other people who focus on it, it’s common knowledge that doing this type of work requires a lot of time and patience. Instead of working with an antiquated system, you can use Zendesk to help bring some peace to customer support.

Zendesk is used by a number of companies that swear by it. Not only is it easy for the company, but it’s also easy and satisfying for the customers because they won’t feel like they’re not being heard. You’ll be able to connect some intelligence to the way that support tickets are handled, and features like Twitter integration and community participation make Zendesk the customer support tool for the social media crowd. You might even start to love customer support.

“What Would You Do If You Were In My Situation?”

Dealing with other human beings is always a challenge, but knowing what to do, or not do, is very helpful. We have all experienced some type of a problem that we need to call a company in order to get the problem resolved. The most annoying aspect of the call is getting through the maze of phone buttons trying to reach a real human being. Once we get to a real person, how you proceed next will determine just how well your problem is resolved.

But in one recent survey I read in which people were asked their opinions about dealing with customer service, this one stood out:

“What would you do if you were in my situation?”

What is your favorite technique?

Comments welcome.

You can read all of the suggestions at the link below.

Source – N.Y. Times – Money –  The Haggler

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5 Ways To Get Through Customer Support Smoothly

Gnomie James Briggs writes:

Hey Chris, I have recently had to deal several times with Dell technical support, and even though I got annoyed at times, I’ve discovered a few things that get me through the calls as quickly and as easily as possible.

  1. Get all service tags, serial codes, etc. prepared before you call for help.
  2. Know, in simplest terms possible, what’s wrong before you call. Don’t bog down the conversation with superfluous details — this only confuses things.
  3. Don’t ramble on. Keep sentences short and to the point.
  4. Talk clearly in proper English, and don’t use slang.
  5. Don’t get annoyed or aggressive if the person on the other end of the phone gets confused — it won’t get you any closer to solving your problem! Patience really is a virtue.

I love the show, and thanks for your great help!