The Internet is all about communication in different ways, shapes, and forms, and services like Twitter have become popular because they make communication simple, quick, and widespread. All it takes is a few seconds to write a tweet that reaches all of your followers and the Twitter community at large. That’s pretty crazy when you really stop and think about it, but it’s the reality for people today. A service called DailyBooth wants to make communicating with pictures as easy as communicating with text.

I would sort of describe DailyBooth as Twitter for pictures. Just like with Twitter, you can follow and be followed, and it’s nice to see pictures because they usually help you to learn more about a person. Viewers of photos can comment using text but they can also include a picture with their comment, which helps to keep the focus on the pictures. DailyBooth seems to have found a niche with young people, but it would work well for anyone. When you see the world through pictures, you get a better understanding of what’s going on.


One of the biggest problems with the Web services that we have today is that many of them require you to upload and store your files with them. While this may not be a problem on its own, once you start spreading files across a number of different services, things start to become very disconnected. After all, who wants to have to go to a handful of different services just to find the photos that they want to see? Showzey is a service that liberates your photos by bringing them together.

I’m all about having everything in one place, so I like what Showzey is trying to do. Not only can you collect pictures from Flickr and Picasa, but you can also get them from Facebook and even your Gmail account. That’s important because people still like to send pictures as e-mail attachments even though there are plenty of photo sharing services out there. Once your pictures have been collected, you can copy them between sites, share them, create RSS feeds, and so on.


We’ve all seen before and after photos before. Usually they’re applied to weight loss or some other physical transformation, but they can really apply to pretty much anything that changes. They may just be two photos, but they quickly get the point across about what’s changed and to what degree. Since everything changes eventually, you might as well make a record of the changes. A service called Befter enables you to share before and after photos.

Once you’ve uploaded your pictures, viewers can see them on your profile page, share them, comment on them, and even download them. I can really see this service being interesting for people who are trying to lose weight because they can visually track their progress and get input and encouragement from others. That’s just one example, but it’s an important one. Befter appears to primarily have an international audience right now, and it should be interesting to see who starts to use it and how they use it. Until then, get ready for a lot of randomness.


Do you remember when having a lot of pictures used to mean having a lot of printed photos in shoeboxes and photo albums? These days, having a lot of pictures usually means having a lot of photos stored digitally on your computer or some online service. People may have thousands of pictures, but they never touch and feel them because they’re stored in a digital format. Digital storage is a great way to eliminate clutter, but sometimes having photos printed out makes a difference. Pixable enables you to create printed photobooks and calendars using your digital pictures.

Creating a photobook or calendar from scratch would be difficult, but Pixable has streamlined the process. In addition to being able to upload pictures from your computer, you can also import them from services like Facebook and Flickr, which is quite helpful because your pictures may already be there. Once your pictures have been selected, you just use their layouts, make modifications, and order the final product. It’ll look like you spent a lot of time on it, but you don’t have to tell anyone the truth.

Is Sexting A Real Problem Or Just Kids Being Kids?

Depending on who’s statistics you wish to cite, it appears that teens between the ages of 12 and 17 years old, about 15 to 30% have viewed nude photo’s in text messages. Though we can most likely all agree that this poses certain risks to some teens who pictures may be sent around the Internet, the question I would ask is that is this a real problem or just kids being kids?

According to a recent news article it states the following:

It’s not a surprising phenomenon, Ms. Lenhart and others say: The factors driving it – teenagers wrestling with sexuality and relationships and often using poor judgment – have been around far longer than cellphones or the Internet. But when those factors are combined with the far reach and permanence of today’s technology, it can be dangerous.

At least two teenagers committed suicide after sexts they sent were passed around widely and used to harass them. While those are the extreme, far more teens face risks of basic embarrassment, bullying, or regret when the images reach people who they’d prefer didn’t see them.

So as a parent what would you tell your child about sexting? This quote may help:

“I tell kids the five P’s,” Ms. Aftab says. “If you don’t want your parents, your principal, a predator, the police, or your potential coach, college recruiter, or boss to see it, don’t post it publicly.”

There is also this point that shows why teens are sexting:

Often, teens send sexts as an alternative to engaging in actual sex, Aftab says, and they rarely think about the consequences.

So what do you think? Is sexting as dangerous as some believe it is, or is it just kids doing what kids do?

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Capturing images on your screen is pretty simple, right? But what if you want to do more with them? Then you want to snag a copy of SnagIt. How did you ever get along without screen capture software? This one even integrates with AOL instant messenger and potentially your blog, too! Start your next screen capture the right way — manage it with TechSmith’s SnagIt.


Digital camera functionality seems to be present in almost every gadget these days, so it only makes sense that a lot of pictures are being taken. Of course, once these pictures are taken, what do you do with them? Printing them out is still popular, but doing that just feels so old-fashioned now. These days, it’s all about sharing them online. The cost (when there is any) is low and the potential audience is limitless. Simply looking at pictures online can be fairly boring, but when they’re presented in a nice way through slideshows, the experience is a lot more interesting. PhotoSnack helps you create a variety of attractive slideshows.

A lot of the slideshow templates that are out there in general are rather bland, but no matter which template you choose on PhotoSnack, you’re guaranteed to have a good result. Creating a slideshow is as simple as uploading the photos that you want to use, customizing the template, and sharing the results. The slideshows work well pretty much anywhere online, and if you want more space and possibilities, consider getting a premium account.


I’m not a designer, and over the years here at Lockergnome, I’ve stated that fact on quite a few occasions. Unfortunately, when you can’t design or create good images, you’re rather limited with what you can accomplish. Even if you have a good idea, you’ll still need some sort of assistance to make it happen. This is the exact position that I’ve found myself in repeatedly. For example, for a number of my projects, I’ve needed some good images to use. Since I’m not good with a camera and I don’t want to misuse anyone else’s images, this usually means that stock photography is the best option. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend any money, then check out the free photos at PhotoXpress.

Just because these photos are free doesn’t mean that there aren’t any rules or restrictions. With that said, this information is clearly outlined in the download agreement, so you’ll know what needs to be done. I personally found the pictures on PhotoXpress to be of high quality and suitable for a lot of different purposes. Browse through the categories and search for what you’re looking for to see what you can find.


Sharing content online is easier than ever before. If you think it’s difficult, then you must not be doing it right. E-mail used to be the standard way to share documents, pictures, and whatever else you can think of, and although it’s still used all the time, there are limitations there and other services give you more flexibility. Something as simple as hosting and sharing images has turned into a competition among hundreds of photo sharing sites about who can do it better and more efficiently. Pict.com may not be the biggest name around, but if you just want to upload and share some pictures, then the lack of complication will be refreshing to you.

Without even creating an account, you’re brought to a page containing a bunch of blank spots for your images. Upload the images that you want, share your album URL, or even share individual pictures by linking to them directly or embedding them. The site also contains some additional tools that will enhance your experience. Pict.com may get drowned out by the competition, but by doing what it does well, it’s already in a better spot than much of the competition.



Even though I’m not a fan of taking pictures, I do enjoy looking at them. The Internet provides us with many different ways to organize and present our pictures, but after some time, they all start to look and feel the same. One of the aspects of online photo galleries that has needed some innovation is the way in which the photos get added to these galleries. Basic uploading and importing from other services is old news, but 2Pad makes things interesting by automatically creating a photo gallery from the pictures and videos in your e-mail account.

One of the most popular ways that these files are exchanged is through e-mail, so this method makes sense. 2Pad works with all mailboxes that have IMAP support, and when you first get started, the service will perform an initial scan to build your gallery. From then on, pictures that get sent to that e-mail address will be included in your collection. The galleries work great, and you’ll now have one less thing to worry about.


I’m not a photographer, so when it comes to using images, I rely on other people’s work. Unfortunately, a lot of people steal and use images online in any way that they want simply because it’s so easy to do, but that’s just not cool. If you’re building a Web site and need a good image, there are plenty of services that offer free and paid photography for you to use, so there’s no excuse to use pictures without permission. As you may already know, there’s a lot to choose from, and ClusterShot provides even more opportunities for buyers and sellers.

As a seller, you can post any pictures of yours that you’d like. You decide on the price, but ClusterShot does take 12% of the sales for providing the service. Once you make a sale, you may then transfer the money to your PayPal account. As a buyer, you can search for whatever you want in the price range that you like. Many sellers even enable you to make offers. Who said haggling is an expired art form?


My lack of Photoshop skills is legendary. Some people can fake their way through using the software, but I just can’t seem to do that. Anything I get my hands on in Photoshop turns into a complete mess once I’m through with it, and that’s a shame because there have been times times in the past when I’ve wanted to touch-up some of my pictures. When you don’t know anyone with image editing skills, making the edits properly can be a challenge, and that’s why I like what wowApic has to offer. 

A team of experienced image experts are a part of wowApic, and they can do to your pictures what you can’t. You just select the photos that need work, specify what you want done, and then review the instant quote that is delivered to you. The sample prices that are listed on the site are quite reasonable, especially since the process is made so easy for you. The work is also fully guaranteed, so you can be sure that you’ll get what you want for the price that you paid.

Family Charged $19,370 By AT&T For AirCard Use

A Portland, Oregon family was in a shock when received their phone bill from AT&T. Seems that their son was on vacation in Vancover, Canada and was using his laptop with an Aircard to send photo’s and emails to family members. There was just one small problem. Since he was out of the U.S. he was racking up international rates while he used his lappy.

The fees topped out at $19,370 for the month. Needless to say the family was in shock when they got their cell phone bill.  The article also states:

 The AirCard allows users to connect to e-mail, the Internet and business applications while traveling, according to AT&T’s Web site. On the Terry family’s bill, they were charged international fees for the service.

The Terry family said they asked an AT&T employee about the service before their son left the country. They said they were told nothing about international fees.Dave Terry also said they were never contacted by the company to be alerted of the high fees.

You know that small print in our cell phone contracts that none of us reads? Maybe it is time to check our contracts and see what fees and rates apply when we are out of the U.S. proper.

I am sure that AT&T will refund all of the charges since the family obviously made a slight mistake. :-)

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Microsoft Offers Photosynth For Free

The team at Microsoft is offering a new product called Photosynth which anyone can use provided they own a PC with Windows XP or Vista. Plus the computer needs a video card with at least 32MB dedicated, 1 GB of RAM and a fast broadband connection. So if your computer meets these requirements, you might want to give Photosynth a try. So what is Photosynth?

What is Photosynth?

Imagine being able to share the places and things you love using the cinematic quality of a movie, the control of a video game, and the mind-blowing detail of the real world. With nothing more than a bunch of photos, Photosynth creates an amazing new experience.

A quiet creek Whether it’s a quiet creek in the woods of Pennsylvania, or the grandeur of the interior of St Paul’s cathedral, Photosynth puts you there like nothing else can.

Venice It can capture the sweeping scale of a mile of the Grand Canal in Venice, and focus in on the exquisite rot at the waterline of a beautifully decaying palazzo doorway.

Wild Room Want to share your amazing new room with your friends—after all what justice do a bunch of thumbnails do for a room that took you a month to decorate? Only a synth can capture every detail.

If you go to the Photosynth site, there are videos of what Photosynth has to offer. One note everyone should be aware of. If you use Photosynth, your works will not be private and the world can view your efforts. Also in order to download the software you need a Live ID as well.

If you have used Photosynth let us know what your opinion is.

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When you take a picture with a digital camera, there’s just so much that you can do with it. Although you may opt to keep it and share it like it is, if you actually want to have some fun with it, then you’ll find no shortage of desktop applications and online tools that will help you take your images beyond what they were originally. Since most of us aren’t skilled graphic designers, we’re limited in terms of what we can do, so convenience and simplicity are very important. Even if you don’t know anything about image editing, you can still have some fun with Kyolo.

This service exists for one purpose, and that is to help you put speech bubbles on your photos. The inserted text can be humorous or serious, although you’ll find that most people use tools like this to make fun of images. You can get started without creating an account, and using Kyolo is as easy as uploading your picture, adding and customizing the speech bubbles, and then sharing the modified image with your friends by sending the link to them via e-mail or using it on your Web site. If you’re having a rough day, try to have some fun with Kyolo.